Wagon Wheel Campground
Tent site no water/electric $24 per night
Water/30amp electric $38 per night
Full hookup: water/electric/septic $42 per night

Cost per dog per day $2         * Call for seasonal rates and
Cost per horse per day $10          extended stay pricing
All sites include 3 adults, up to 5 kids
Guest Rates: $5 day or $10 day+night per guest
Holiday rates:
Tent site (no water/electric): $100 for weekend
Water/Electric (no septic): $150 for weekend
Full hookup with septic: $175 for weekend

Rental campers: $120 per night includes site
all reservations add 3.5% service charge

* Call for seasonal rates and extended stay pricing
All dogs must be on leash and have current rabies
Quiet time 10pm-9am
Fires must be attended to at all times
Firewood must be purchased from campground
5mph throughout park
Under 16 must wear bike helmet on bicycles and
when riding horses at all times.
All horses must show current coggins test.
Any changes to site must have prior permission
No putting hooks in trees, or cutting of any trees or
No Digging
Pool rules are posted at pool and must be followed

All campers agree to hold harmless Wagon Wheel,
Smith and Williams, for any damages or accidents
that may happen during their stay and agree to
follow all rules posted on property.
No refunds or cancellations.
Credit given for future stay
* 20% to reserve, Holidays must be
paid in full to reserve